State Targeted MLM Genealogy Leads

Using state targeted MLM genealogy leads is a smart way to build your business in a targeted geographic location. We constantly have new databases coming in that contain networkers from all 50 US states plus Canadian provinces. Whether you are looking to target networkers within your own state or an emerging hot spot for your business, we've got the right database for you.

State Targeted MLM Genealogy LeadsBenefits of using state targeted MLM genealogy leads:

  • Target "like minded" networkers - Sometimes its easier to build relationships with someone in your own state rather than clear across the country. Since you know the culture, mindset and attitude of people in your state, it will be easier to prospect them for your business.
  • Build where your business is - Some business opportunities are only open in certain states. Using these leads you can target individual states as your company grows.
  • Build for a big event - Have a big conference or meeting coming up? Target networkers within the state the meeting is being held to increase your recruiting efforts.

What information is included in our state targeted MLM genealogy leads?

All state targeted lead packages are pulled from our exclusive database of network marketers and direct sales people. Our database is constantly being updated with new lists and purged of old files so you get in touch with people who have done networking recently.

All data will include a name, phone number and company the person has experience with. If you need leads that also include an email address, you can specify that during the checkout process.

Packages & pricing:

1,000 State Targeted Leads - $89

2,500 State Targeted Leads - $179 

5,000 State Targeted Leads - $299

* You can specify which states or provinces you want your leads from on the checkout page.

** Need a bigger lead package? Give us a call at 1-888-689-8444 to discuss pricing.

Important information about ordering:

Our online ordering system is only available to customers in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia. If you wish to make a purchase from outside one of these areas you need to give us a call at 1-888-689-8444 to make arrangements. We currently accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. If you wish to use a different payment method give us a call. 

In order to cut down on fraud, we investigate and in many cases, call and verify orders before sending out lead packages.

What happens after you place your order:

We compile and send all orders manually after the purchase has been verified. The average delivery time is 6 to 24 hours depending on what time the order is placed. All orders are sent out as an email attachment in CSV & TXT format.

If you have a special request for the format you want your data in simply shoot us an email or give us a call with your request. If for some reason you haven't received your list within 24 hours make sure you call or email us right away.

We show you how to work genealogy leads effectively!

MLM Genealogy Lead Secrets eBookWhen you make a purchase from us you also gain access to our Customer Resource Center. Here you will be able to download our "MLM Genealogy Lead Secrets" ebook ($29.95 Value) which will answer any questions you might have about this type of business building.

You will also gain access to killer tools and simple systems that will help you work your leads effectively.



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